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There are a huge variety of second hand scooters on the market today.  A second hand scooter is perfect for zipping into town and getting to and from work.  The are much cheaper to run than a car – an important consideration when petrol is at a premium.  If you are looking to buy a used scooter, there are just a few things that you will want to consider first.

You’ll need to think about what you’re going to be using the scooter for. This will help you to choose what kind of scooter to buy as well as whether or not the weather conditions will be an issue. If you plan to use your scooter to zip around town then you’ll need a different kind of scooter than you would for riding on major roads. You also won’t need to factor in any adverse weather conditions nearly so much because rain gear is much more effective when driving at lower speeds. 

Second Hand Scooters


The second hand scooter’s size has a lot to do with the scooter’s motor size. The motor size of scooters ranges between 50cc and 800cc. The lower the cc means the greater the limitation on the mph you can achieve, though, as mentioned earlier, if you are just planning to use your scooter to scoot into town or to work, because your speed will be restricted in built up areas, this needn’t be a problem.  A 50cc scooter is restricted to approximately 30 mph, whereas a 800cc scooter can travel at speeds over 100 mph.  Smaller second hand scooters are not designed for motorway speeds and can be dangerous if taken on there.  You therefore need to seriously consider how far you want to travel.  Scooters are not really meant for travelling huge distances.  They have limited storage space and are not designed for hours of riding. 

Peugeot Scooters


To ride a scooter you have to be at least 16 years old and preferably able to ride a push bike. One day’s training is required which is a way of introducing you to driving on the highway. After completing the course you’ll receive a 'Certificate of Completion of an Approved Training Course' (DL196). You’ll be allowed to ride on the road with 'L' plates without passengers and excluding motorways.   Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) was introduced on 1 December 1990 for all new provisional license holders of both mopeds and motorbikes. All learners are required to complete CBT before riding on the road (with the exception of riders who have passed a full moped test since December 1990). Full car licence holders qualifying after 1 February 2001 must also complete a CBT course before riding a moped on the road.


It’s important to wear the correct protective gear.  High visibility jackets are always a good idea to keep the rider visible on a murky winter’s night.  You should also ensure your vehicle is regularly serviced and well maintained. 

Scooters are a great way of saving money and still getting you to where you need to go.  We are delighted to bring you a great selection of second hand scooters available on eBay today.  Our stocklist is updated daily so be sure to bookmark us.  If we don’t have just the second hand scooter you’re looking for here today, we’re sure to have it tomorrow.